I am an Associate Professor at The University of Melbourne. My research focuses on applying computational techniques to biological questions, especially related to human genomics and cancer. I am also enthusiastic about education and have extensive experience teaching at the university level.

After completing a Computer Science PhD in Programming Languages, I undertook an internship at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, before returning to a lecturing position at the University of Melbourne. In 2010 I joined the newly-formed VLSCI (now Melbourne Bioinformatics), a $100M project to build a world-leading centre for bioinformatics and computational biology.

During my time at Melbourne Bioinformatics I have led a team of bioinformaticians in Cancer and Clinical Genomics, and have contributed to a wide variety of research projects.

In 2017 I was awarded a Victorian Health and Medical Research Fellowship, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services in the Victorian Government.

In 2021 I joined the Australian BioCommons as Associate Director of Human Genome Informatics.


Other Affiliations and Duties